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Not a New Year’s Resolution

When 2013 began, I had no idea how it would end. I wasn’t even sure if I’d live to see its end. A lot has happened in the last twelve months. Most of it I didn’t plan. The rest of it I’m not sure how it will end. I learned a long time ago to not make resolutions. Or plans. But for 2014 I do have one wish. One hope.  If I get nothing this year except that one wish, I will be grateful. I make no plans for 2014. No idea how it will end or where I will be. Like [ ... ]

Chasing the White Rabbit

I have never done LSD. But I’m pretty sure at this moment I have an idea what it feels like to trip acid. For the last four or five hours I’ve been sitting here watching my door bend and move like it was in a funhouse mirror. Sometimes it appears as if it’s really really close and other times I sit here and watch it as it slinks out into the hall. I have no fucking clue what it means either. All I know is that I feel like I’m on a carnival ride  and someone forgot to tell me. I’m [ ... ]

Bipolar, Stuff, Writing, & Things

So it’s been a bit since I wrote anything here. To be honest, it wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to say. It was that I got into my own head. Which is never a good thing with me. When I started this blog, it was just suppose to be a place for me to let out all the thoughts in my head. But somehow I got the idea that I could ONLY write about bipolar. But that’s not me. Yes I have bipolar. Yes it has fucked up my life beyond explanation. BUT I’m working on fixing that. I’m building new [ ... ]


Most of the time  I’m very much in control of my emotions. Most of the time I don’t feel…Anything. Because I’m so focused on the next step. The next piece in the puzzle that I’ve been attempting to put together for the last few years. Sometimes I get so focused on making the pieces fit that I forget ME in the midst of it all. I forget that I exist and I forget to take care of me. I forget to feel because to feel makes me weak. It makes me unfocused. But sometimes..like today… all I do is feel. I [ ... ]

Why I’m Against Sharia Law in the US

A friend of mine sent me a link to an article in the Huffington Post. It was about an Islamic Group in the US that is attempting to get Sharia Law passed in the US. And being that I’m muslim most people probably assume I’d be for this. So it’s a huge surprise to everyone when I say I’m not. I have many reasons for being against it, but the biggest reason is the issues raised in article as to why they want it are outright lies. In the article it states, “American Muslims do not seek to have [ ... ]

Bipolar Psychosis: Just Take A Pill

Since beginning my journey to recovery, I’ve learned a lot about myself. But I’ve also learned a lot about the way people perceive mental illness and particularly bipolar. My bipolar isn’t the pretty kind. It isn’t the kind you can get over no matter how much you want to. Part of the reason for me sharing my experiences is to maybe help others gain  a bit of understanding. I think it’s difficult for people to truly understand what it means to be in the midst of a full blown psychotic break from reality. “Just take meds” is the most common [ ... ]

Winner from the Summer Splash Blog Hop

I just finished participating in the Summer Splash blog hop along with 40+ of my author friends. This is the third time I’ve participated with them and it’s always such amazing fun. I do have to apologize for being late in announcing my winner. I had some unexpected things pop up so I’ve been super busy. Thanks to everyone who visited the page and participated but now to the winner…   Congratulations to…. Chris Davis Email me at alyssareyans (at) gmail (dot) com to receive your $15 Amazon gift card and 4 ebooks.

Summer Splash Blog Hop

Welcome to the 2013 Summer Splash Blog Hop, brought to you by the writers of Indie Writers Unite.  There’s all kinds of swag to be won as well as some amazing grand prizes (see below for grand prize information) Each writer will be hosting their own giveaway on their blogs and offering their own prizes in addition to the grand prizes.  Click HERE to start hopping the author pages. You can also check out the IWU authors by visiting my Authors Blog Hop page to find out a bit about the participating authors and their latest releases. … Want a [ ... ]
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Enter to Win Four Kindle Ebooks and Amazon Gift Card

Enter to Win Four Kindle Ebooks and Amazon Gift Card   Visit my Summer Splash Blog hop page for details on how to enter to win a $15 Amazon Gift Card and 4 Kindle Ebooks:   ********** ********** ************
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Something Hidden in My Drawers

  Gamin walked the streets. Alone and bewildered. He looked down at his tattered clothes and wondered how they got that way. The taste of blood filled his mouth and he raised his hand to soothe the ache plaguing his head. He paused to catch his breath and take in his surroundings. Nothing looked familiar to him, but he felt as if he should know these houses. The silent stone structures whispered to him. Their presence brought him comfort and he was certain he should know the names of those who dwelled within, but his mind was blank. “Filthy gamin” someone [ ... ]