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Letters From A Bipolar Mother is Now Available on Nook

July 26, 2012

I don’t talk much about my book here. Yea I got it shiny pretty on my sidebar but beyond that I don’t say much. Part two is slow in coming but eventually it’ll get there.

I’ve just recently uploaded my book to Barnes &  Noble so if you don’t have a kindle you can get it at B& N now. Here’s the link I know you’re anxiously awaiting to read my verbiage.

I’ve also put it on Smashwords. They’re having a summer promotional. If you look in the upper right corner you’ll see a coupon code enter that code and you can get the book free. But this only applies to Smashwords.

I’m also working on a dystopia fiction novel because that’s how many directions my brain goes at once so that’s my news. Not much to update but that’s about all that’s going on for now.


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