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Why I’m Against Sharia Law in the US

A friend of mine sent me a link to an article in the Huffington Post. It was about an Islamic Group in the US that is attempting to get Sharia Law passed in the US. And being that I’m muslim most people probably assume I’d be for this. So it’s a huge surprise to everyone when I say I’m not. I have many reasons for being against it, but the biggest reason is the issues raised in article as to why they want it are outright lies. In the article it states, “American Muslims do not seek to have [ ... ]

The Mothers’ Voices Heard Round the World

I don’t talk often on this blog about religion or politics. Mainly because I believe each person has the right to believe whatever they wish to believe. And if it’s right for them, then it’s not my place to judge just because they sin differently than me. But in the last few days there were some women whose actions have sparked worldwide attention. And it amazes me at how powerful the voice of a mother can be. Like a lioness protecting her cubs, these mothers raised their voices, not to protect their own sons because their sons lay massacred at their [ ... ]

First of Muharram: The New Year in the Islamic World

I don’t normally talk much about religion here. Mainly because I”m a big believer in “live and let live”. I don’t like being preached at and therefore I don’t preach at people. The only time I make an exception is during these days and it is not to preach but more to inform. I watch lots of English news programs, CNN, Fox, al Jazeera English, etc. and they attempt to explain what the meaning is of the first day of the new Islamic Year and most often do a poor job of it. Not intentionally, I don’t think. Their biggest [ ... ]

Learning to Drive With the Top Down

I read this article today in the guardian. It was about Saudi women protesting over their right to drive.  My world view is  a very privileged one. I come from the poorest, whitest redneck southern baptist bible thumping snake handling revival town you can imagine. I grew up seeing hands being laid on people to cast out the devil, people running around the church in circles and shouting while speaking in tongues. I was baptized at the age of ten in a freezing cold creek to try to get the “devil outta me”. Then again at age 13 after [ ... ]

Discriminating to the Death

In the Islamic world yesterday marked the 40th day after the martyrdom of the Grandson of the Prophet. It also meant billions of shia muslims around the globe commemorated this day with gatherings and processions of mourning. For some of those it would be their last day on this earth because for those whose hearts are filled with hatred these gatherings and processions make the perfect targets. In many cities and villages, most with names you probably have never heard of, bombs went off in these processions killing innocent men, women, and children and for no other reason than their [ ... ]

And That One Time I Pierced My Tongue

So yesterday I wrote a post asking people to comment about questions they had regarding Islam. I’m working on a book and wanted to address the most commonly asked questions non-muslims have. Deus ex Machina asked a few questions but the question I found most intriguing was: Are there any laws/rules in Islam regarding what a woman does to her body with respect to hair cutting, make-up, shaving, etc? The reason for this is well I’ve always been somewhat of a rebel when it came to my hair and appearance. I was 17 when I converted to Islam and by the [ ... ]

Survey Says

If by my profile pic it isn’t obvious, then let me just come out of the closet right now, I’m muslim. Not the closet you were expecting, huh? Well here’s another I CHOOSE to wear the full face veil. I’ll give ya’ll a moment to digest that. I’ve read a lot of books about Islam and Muslims in English, obviously. Majority of them don’t tell you much and don’t really tell you a whole lot about anything specifically regarding women. So I’d like to take a vote. In the comments sections, write your top 5 things you’d like to [ ... ]